The Magical Unnamed Test Automating Tool

This is a super-duper beta rough sketch of my impression of what people would like from this tool. It lacks a lot of features, like error checking on user input, and will probably die at random if you give it anything at all other than what it expects. User interface is kinda ugly, will be fixed up pretty later. For the curious, you can view the source code here.

What does it do?

This tool is designed to help automate human testing of a variety of things and produce machine-readable output. It takes in a text file containing information on a test suite, and then creates a nice html page (or pages) with fill-out forms for each test, and then outputs the results in EARL. The tests can either be formatted as a single page of questions and links, similar to the WART tool style, or as a series of framed pages to display some HTML (XML/MathML/SVG/insert acronym here) and prompt for response side by side. Output is EARL 0.95 for now, and is not nicely formatted so it's hard to read. Sorry.

Using It

You can go straight to the bare front page of the testing tool with this link, but that probably won't be very interesting without the URI of a file containing tests. I've created two examples of test files that show off different features in the script. It's not pretty, but the links show how you can use GET-style URIs to set values in the test to customize the opening page.
CSS1 Test Suite

Web Accessibility Checker

The text file of tests

The text file is now in RDF. Namespace can be found here. Right now the script only accepts files in n3, but there are tools to convert between formats. The easiest way to figure out what's going on is to look at wcag.n3 above for examples of all the features I've implemented. I've also made a script to help automate creation of test files.

Features to play with:

Ideas for Improvement

This is only a very rough version. All suggestions are welcome. To do:

Changes Log

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